Bear River Park Master Plan

Bear River Park is an existing park in Steamboat Springs, CO situated on the Yampa River. The site was originally a wastewater storage lagoon that the City decommissioned. When the storage lagoon was determined to be no longer necessary, the City developed a master plan for the property, however this master plan was developed before the public had access to the property and so the planning did not garner much community participation and as a result, has never been supported or implemented. Despite this lack of community involvement a few elements have been built in the park. These elements include a skate park, bike park, parking lot, and restroom.

In 2015, the City determined that an update to the existing master plan needed to be completed to garner proper public input and support. Oxbow is currently in the process of updating this Master Plan with the City and the National Park Service. We have held two public meetings to date and have had tremendous input from the community. After extensive public input and multiple alternatives, Oxbow presented a final master plan to City Council which was unanimously adopted.

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